Born and raise in Detroit, Michigan, Simon has been a resident of Nashville, Tennessee since 2005.

After years of touring as a guitar player, he opened a studio called, 'Brick and Bone Sound Studio' in the Chestnut Hill District and produces Country, Amerciana and Music for Film and TV.

Likes: D'Adarrio Strings, BB Guns, Quality Bread, Cooking If Someone Else Is Doing the Dishes, Historical Movies that Do Not Include Nicolas Cage, Action Movies That Do Include Nicolas Cage, Words That Are Pronounced The Way They Are Spelled, Musical Instruments and Indiana Jones Part 3 (The Last Crusade).

Dislikes: Stepping In River Mud, Selfies In General, Potholes, Faulty Aux Cables in Car, TSA, NSA, Drippy Coffee Lids, Falling Off Roofs, Losing ILoks, Rabid Dogs, Horror Movies, and Indiana Jones Part 4 (The Dumb One With Aliens).