Since moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 2005, I have had the pleasure of playing guitar for some great bands and solo artists. I love getting to know new artists and catching the vision for their upcoming studio project or live event.

Need professional guitar track on your next studio project, but live no where near Nashville?  No problem!  I also do guitar tracks over the internet on a track by track basis.

Head over to the contact page to setup a Skype meeting to talk about your upcoming live event / studio project needs.


Artist Experience- Stuio or Live

Josh Doyle- L (bass)

Phil Joel- S,L

Jonny Diaz-  S,L

Katy McAllister- S

Jeremy McCoy (Producer)- S

Rachel Rogers and The RealGoodFeelGoods- S, L

Jacob Brown- S

Pete Good, AJ Babcock (Country Songwriting Duo)

Stephanie Smith- S,L

Jaime Jamgochian- S,L

Afterlife Parade- S,L

Charmaine- S,L

 Anadara- S

 Scotty Faircloff- S

T Culler - S

NewSong Christian Fellowship- S,L

Candlefuse- L

Daniel Kirkley- L

Krystal Meyers- L

Kyle McCord- S,L

Stephanie Berlanga- S

Neil Hinders- L

The Fundamental Elements- L

John David Webster- L

CloudChase- L

10 Feet Tall- L

Jamin Dunn- L

The Heroics- L

The City Harbor- S,L