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Busy Spring/Summer at TheSweatShop

This spring/summer at TheSweatShop has been such a busy time.  Special thanks to Mother Nature for keeping the heat down this year a bit.  Its been nice SoCal weather all summer.

For those checking in we've kept pretty busy with turning out some great demos for country writers Pete Good and AJ Babcock.  Its been an honor getting to help realize these songs they have been writing into full productions.  There are some cool things coming up for these guys in the next few months.

Also, I've got to welcome in some new artists to TheSweatShop in the past few months.  

Nat Clubb is a worship artist out of Santa Cruz, CA and moved to Nashville a few months ago.  After writing a few more songs, we will head into full production for his record this fall.  Great rock voice and a pleasure to work with.

Finally, I've been producing an Canadian country artist named Mandy McMillian and we've finished two demos.  I swear there is no better job in the world than working with talented people and helping them realize a vision.  So far we've finnished two songs and hopefully more to come.

Sweat it out.



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