Jay Taylor Released "Hold On" EP

Jay Talor releases his Debut EP, "Hold On".  The EP is a collection of singles that showcase Jay's amazing vocal range.  I have worked with few vocalist who can sing a line as masterfully as Jay can.  True pleasure working with him on this project.  Visit ITunes to pick it up!


Sweatshop Artist 'Mandy McMillan' Released Self Titled EP

One of the most rewarding things about developing song writers and building their demos is when you get to help them through the process of finishing an actual record.  Its more of a marathon than a 'demo' sprint but it allows for more care to be taken at every turn.

After finishing a few demos I had the honor of producing, playing on and mixing Mandy McMillans Debut EP that just released this month.  She is such a talented pop country singer and you HAVE to go see her perform if she's ever in the area.  Go check her out online and you won't be disappointed!


Sweatshop Artists 'The Muddy Magnolias' Killin It!

For the past few months The SweatShop has been going non stop turning out great work, which means no time to keep up with the posts.  So here are the last few months condensed.

Jason White and I have been working with two talented ladies that started as studio/backup singers in January.  In the middle of beginning Jason's record he had a girl named Kallie North come over to sing a demo and she invited her friend Jess Wilson over to sing some BGVs.  By the end of the session everyone was buzzing with excitement and they decided, from the strength of what we came out with to form a duo.  A couple demos and name changes later they immerged as The Muddy Magnolias and are quickly gaining momentum.  That sounds like hype, but we all went down to Key West for the BMI songwriters festival to debut the duo (Jason on guitar and yours truely on Keys) and they were well recieved.  After returning and playing a handful of shows, listed them as THE BEST UNSIGNED DUO AT CMA FEST!!! 

Check it out:

Also, It looks like our girls are going to be joining the IRS Nashville label soon!! Congrats girls!