Tornados and Alt-Country

Although it is well known that is generally unwise to mix in a studio while there are thunder storms and tornados in the neighborhood, today I found myself ping-ponging between tracking and mixing a song by a St.Louis band called Blackwater SixtyFour. The lead singer is an old friend of mine and I've always been a big fan of all of his projects. This newest one in particular caught my ear and I had the chance to do a radio mix of the title track on the record called "whiskey and wine." Funny that now I sit in a wine bar in the gulch district in Nashville between mixes.

This is going to be an incredible record. It's been a long time since I've been able to work with such an expressive alt country singer. Do your listening ears a favor and go check them out at a live show or on their Facebook page.


Prestige Worldwide (get it?)

Although there has been a lull with updates, here at the sweatshop nothing has slowed down. In the midst of working consistently with one of Nashville's finest writing teams, I was able to get away and play a sold out London show with Josh Doyle. Truly a dream come true to explore the city and be so well received at The Borderline.

This weekend Ill be updating the music player with all that we've been working so hard on in the past few months here at The Sweatshop and Quad Studios. People get ready!


Back from the Holiday

The holiday break is over and the sweatshop is back up and running. Today we're at Quad studios tracking Jacob Browns ep. So blessed to be playing again with great musicians on a record I co wrote on.