Rachel Rogers tracks at Quad Studios Nashville!

Production at The SweatShop has lately been thrown into overdrive with Rachel Rogers.  We moved over to Quad Studios right off music row and spent a day with the most talented musicians tracking her debut EP.  Matt Mellinger from Indianapolis came down to Engineer the project and proved to be exactly what we needed.  So excited to have everybody hear this when it is done.  I truly believe that we captured something great.  This week we move back to The SweatShop and track horns and BGVs.   It won't be long....


Kyle McCord Tracking

Just wrapped up a full weekend of tracking with New York City's Kyle McCord.  I had the pleasure of first hearing his music almost a decade ago when I was going to school in southern Illinois.  After a hiatis, Kyle is coming back with a killer ep that we just finished tracking the rhythm section on (bass and drums).  This is where some might say, "for fans of", but honestly, Kyles' familiar yet creative approach to Americana makes you forget comparisons and remember the songs.

100% tracked at The SweatShop, I also was able to work with two great players from The Real Good Feel Goods (Rachel Rogers backing band), Seth Bolte and Ben Bugna.  Always a blessing to work with players with unmistakable work ethic and raw talent.  Be on the lookout for further posts as this project nears completion. 


Rachel Rogers at The Sweatshop

Lately The Sweatshop has been busy with preparations for Rachel's EP that we will be tracking at Quad studios on August 14th.  I couldn't been more pleased with the people we have involved and the songs that we will be tracking.  For the past couple weeks we have been running the songs and allowing them to mature a bit more than the demos and already they are coming to life.  Its always been a dream of mine to track a Soul record live with the right people and this is definitely gonna be exactely that.  Check back from time to time for pictures and updates on the recording process.

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