Tracking guitars at Farmland studios

Hanging with fellow producer Jeremy McCoy tracking live at farmland.


Last week of production on Rachel Rogers EP.

We are in the midst of the last week of production on Rachel Rogers debut EP.  Couldn't be more pleased with how everything is turning out.  With every project, there are new opportunities to work with people you've always wanted to work with and this time around we had some true blessings.  Matt Mellinger (indianapolis native) came down from Indy for a couple days to assist with preproduction and engineering, Ben bugna (formerly of Candlefuse) played drums, Demarco Johnson player keys and B3, and Craig Carter and Court Clament played bass and guitar respectively.  Couldn't be happier with their work ethic and that skill that they brought to the project.  Also, we have the good fortune to work with Rogers Masson in the mix phase of our project.  I got to know him because of the work he did with Vintage Trouble, a band from beverly hills, CA.  I think you all will love what forms from all of these great people .  Dig it.


Big Week!

Tonight we are tracking final background vocals at The SweatShop for Rachel Rogers EP.    After getting the tracks back from what we did at Quad Studios, I'm even more excited to show you guys what we have been doing.  The vocal sound is more of a 'Supremes' sound than what the demo had been doing... really special.

I think God has a sense of humor.   In the midst of the studio madness,  have been playing bass for a great artist in town named, Josh Doyle, and he is in the midst of getting his 'break'.  After winning Guitar Center's nation singer/songwriter contest, and subsequently being signed to CTK management, and is playing the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show this Thursday night.  For most of the guys in the band, getting to play a late night show is one of our 'dream' shows.  Be sure to tune in.  I'm the out of focus guy with the bass.

So, as I was getting ready for this, a friend called and asked if I wanted to play a show at a new venue to see if it would be a good future spot for her shows.  I agreed and showed up at 4.30 to sound check for our acoustic set.  When there is not a lot of people at a show, I've referred to it as playing, 'for the bartender and the soundman'.  This time, the bartender and the sound man left when we started playing and we literally played half a set for absolutely no one.  There were a few time when I actually started laughing in the middle of the song because of how funny the situation really was.  But I am so thankful for it.  In the span of one week, I will have played a set for an empty room, led a worship service for a couple hundred and played one song for millions.  I love my job